The Groomsman’s Joy

A groom considers his groomsmen to be among his most faithful friends and supporters.  How would you feel if you heard about a best man running off with the bride a week before the wedding?  You’d feel disgusted.  The whole scenario seems like a vile betrayal.  However, a much deeper betrayal can be committed by ministers of the gospel.  In John 3:22-30, some of John the Baptizer’s disciples are concerned because Jesus is receiving more attention than John.  Without hesitating, John reminds them of his role as a witness to the Messiah and his joy over Jesus’ growing influence and his own fading influence.  He reminds his audience that he is but a groomsman who wants all the attention to be focused upon the groom and his bride.

It is so easy for those who minister in the limelight to begin to bask in the attention that they receive.  It is easy for those who speak of Christ to inadvertently take the attention that belongs alone to Him.  Christ is not interested in sharing the glory that belongs alone to Him.  We must be vigilant not to steal the attention of which He alone is worthy.  May our joy be that people’s focus on Him increases as their focus on us fades.  After all, we are but groomsmen, privileged to know and love the Groom.


About Doug Finkbeiner
I am a Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology at Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA.

One Response to The Groomsman’s Joy

  1. Alex Tandon says:

    Thanks for this essential reminder that it’s not about us, as much as we might like to think it is. This reminds me of a message that Louie Giglio gave that we are to be the moon, created to reflect the light of another. If you carry his illustration even further, we recognize that you don’t see the moon when the Sun/Son is in full view.

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