Apologetics with Muslims Course Taught This Summer by “the boldest evangelist I’ve ever met”!

Within 15 years, the world population of Muslims is expected to increase to over 20%. It is estimated that nearly 7 million Muslims live in the U.S. This presents a tremendous opportunity for the spread of the Gospel among people in one of theSummer2011 most unreached religions in the world.

In my 9 years of teaching at Calvary Baptist Seminary, I have never been more excited than I am about the new emphasis on apologetics. The basic course in apologetics, Intro to Apologetics, is now required for all incoming students. Future electives are on the drawing board. And this summer an introductory course on apologetics with Muslims will be taught by a professor that one pastor in Philadelphia called “the boldest evangelist I’ve ever met.”

Dr. Anees Zaka is an Egyptian-born Christian who has opened dialogue with Muslims in Philadelphia and London effectively for over thirty years. He has shared the gospel in almost every mosque in Philadelphia through his unique style of dialogue known as Meetings for Better Understanding. The class being offered this summer strikes a balance between classroom instruction and actual dialogue with Muslims in the setting of a mosque. Dr. Zaka has a unique combination of cultural and academic familiarity with Islam combined with an unshakeable boldness in sharing the gospel. Students will be equipped to share their faith comfortably with Muslims at the end of the class.

MI640 Introduction to Islam is intended to introduce students to the Islamic faith and life. Special attention is given to comparisons with biblical Christianity and to the methodology of communicating the Gospel to Muslims locally, nationally, and globally.

MI640 Introduction to Islam will be offered June 6-10, 2011. Class size is limited to 15 students, so interested students are encouraged to sign up quickly before the class fills up. See the full Summer 2011 Schedule as well as the Registration form for more information and details.

About Mark Farnham
Professor of Apologetics and Director of the Pre-Seminary Major at Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA. Founder and Director, Apologetics for the Church (apologeticsforthechurch.org). PhD in Apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia; ThM in New Testament at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

One Response to Apologetics with Muslims Course Taught This Summer by “the boldest evangelist I’ve ever met”!

  1. Wow, what a great opportunity!

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