Warren Vanhetloo, First CBS Dean, With the Lord

On October 31, Dr. Warren Vanhetloo passed peacefully into the presence of the Lord in his sleep. Doc Van led the seminary as dean from its founding in 1976 until 1987.  Dr. Van continued to teach and became interim dean from 1990 to 1991.  He taught part time until he retired and moved to Holland, Michigan, where he has been residing since that time. Funeral arrangements are to be announced. The Calvary Baptist Seminary community extends its heartfelt sympathy to the family – and rejoices in a life well lived to the glory of Jesus Christ.

About Jeff Tuttle
I am Dean, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Chair and Professor of Christian Education at Calvary Baptist Seminary in Lansdale, PA.

5 Responses to Warren Vanhetloo, First CBS Dean, With the Lord

  1. Jim E says:

    I guess I didn’t “really know” Dr. Van…but have “known” him from afar…since his days at Central and then at Calvary…I just met him once or twice…once at Central and once at Calvary…only two times…but have seen his legacy being lived out in many…

    I guess when someone like Dr. Van dies….it is fitting for those who knew him best to get to “say” something about him…could you allow those who knew him best to say a few words to express their thoughts???…maybe his legacy in their lives…maybe it should happen on this blog???…

  2. Paul Stevenson says:

    Dr. Van was my theology and Hebrew professor(1974-79). I still recollect writing furiously for 1-2 hours just to answer 2 or 3 questions on his theology tests. Does anyone remember the change that took place(for the better) in his choice of ties after he was married to his dear wife,Gerry? I will forever be indebted to him for his ministry in my life, not only during formal schooling but also in his sincere interest expressed toward my entire family on a personal basis for many years.What an example he was for all of us!

  3. Karin Lovik says:

    Our family knew Uncle Van way back in MN at Central Semniary. I remember running thro the halls to visit him and he would always have a smile on his face. When you asked him how he was doing he always had 2 answers “Excellent!” or “Better than I deserve!” When we moved to Lansdale I was relieved to hear he was coming too- he was after all, family. He married his high school sweetheart, Aunt Gerry, who was the sweetest person and a real compliment to him. He taught me formally and by his life, about the holiness of God and respect we should have for HIM. Uncle Van loved flowers, especially tulips, enjoyed his Dutch heritage (& Dutch jokes), and cared about those he met, even if it was for a few moments. He will be missed!

  4. Kerry Bortz says:

    Dr. Van was my Theology professor in the mid 80’s. I always think about him when I quote Deuteronomy 29:29, “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God…”, as the answer to an “unanswerable ” theology question. He was a marvelous influence in the lives of his students and I am thankful for his Godly example.

  5. Eric Turner says:

    Doc. Van was instrumental in God’s hand. He was my prof. for all but one of my systematic theology courses. My appreciation of my awesome God was abundantly increased under Dr. Van’s tutoring. I thank God for men like him. Phil. 3:17

    The only trouble was most of my classes with Doc were on Monday evenings, in a very warm classroom, right after supper. Combine all that with Doc’s mellow, smooth, and comforting manner of speech and it was like a lullaby. Only the Holy Spirit’s grace kept me awake through most of those classes.

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